14 years of web design, development & consultancy

Over the last fourteen years we've assisted companies, charities and organisations in realising their goals and establishing a strong web presence. We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide, going the extra mile to help you especially when time is short and you just need the job done as soon as possible. No job is too big or too small, people come to us with all sorts of work.

  • Need an improved hosting solution, or a website redesign?
  • Need to add extra functionality to your website or a bespoke piece of software to streamline your office?
  • Need some fresh ideas on collaboration or making the most out of the hardware and software you currently have?

After an initial discussion we can agree a plan going forward that will deliver the solution that fulfills your business needs, all within your specific constraints, budgets and timescales as part of your long term business plan.

Have a look through the hosting, design and application development services and the support we have to offer for further details.


Our default hosting package is on a shared server provided by 1and1 Hosting Ltd. This comes with unlimited storage space, bandwidth and email addresses.

For customers with very specific technical requirements and who need their own personal dedicated server, 1and1 offer a range of servers which we can configure to your bespoke requirements. This allows us to set the server up to suit your needs and without having to share resources with others.

Alternatively we can use your own hosting solution if you already have one in place.

Key features of our hosting...

  • Domain Names
    1st free
  • Email Addresses/Forwarders
  • Webspace
  • Control Panel
  • Test/Demo Site
  • Targeted Uptime
  • Coding
    ASP.NET (ver 4.7)
  • Database
    MS SQL Server 2017
  • SSL Available
  • Backups


Whether you are working to existing branding guidelines or you're starting a brand new project, we can provide you with a range of potential design solutions which can be iteratively tweaked to fulfil your brief. Working with you we will fine tune the preferred design until you feel it meets your functional and ascetic requirements.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that adding new functionality in the future should require minimal reworking of the design and underlying architecture. This allows us to add new features quickly and at much lower costs than if we had to radically change the underlying code base. We design solutions which can be extended in the future, rather than having to rip functionality out and start again every time we need to make changes.

We can help with your...

  • Website Design
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Bespoke Graphics

Application Development

It's not uncommon to be working on something and thinking there's got to be an easier way to do this or a quicker way. Maybe it's a solution to organise your staff and volunteers, or organise the relationships you have with users or suppliers.

Simple tailor made solutions can be quickly made which will allow you to streamline these tasks and automate these routine processes you're struggling to find the time to undertake.

We can develop solutions for...

  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Apps


We offer free online training in our websites and software which can usually be completed within a few hours. We don't believe in creating solutions for you that then require a week long off site training course, if our software was that difficult to use how much of that training will you remember in 3 months time? Our software is intuitive, easy to use and is designed to be accessible to users of all technical abilities. All of our solutions come with a Service Level Agreement and full terms and conditions outlining our promise to you.

Maybe you're struggling to get the most out of the software your have from other vendors. We can offer assistance in configuring your existing software to make it do more for you and to give you a better return on your investment. Sometimes you wish your software could do more but you don't realise it can, you're just not aware of how to get the most from it. We can help you get the most from the software you already have, rather than spending money and time purchasing and retraining staff in something you don't need.

How we support you...

  • Monday - Friday, 9 - 5 Support
  • Online Remote Support
  • Out Of Hours Support
  • Free Online Training
  • Site Visits On Request